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Shit’s about to get real for the cast and crew of the long-running (awful) soap-opera “Collided Lives” when new Executive Producer Olivia Vanderstein arrives to shake things up.

Bend over, Daytime.


Dropping The Soap Cast

Episode List

  • 1: Olivia Vander-Something

    The cast and crew of long-running soap opera Collided Lives panics when they find out their executive producer is being replaced by a shark in a business suit: Olivia Vanderstein.

  • 2: Alien Abductions

    Olivia Vanderstein goes on a firing spree. Reeling, Julian Draker, longtime star of Collided Lives, goes to bat for his on-screen wife, Shea Buttersfield, and faces off with his castmate and arch nemesis, Kit Knockers.

  • 3: Man Musk

    A hot, younger male cast member is hired as "eye candy," while Julian must lend his talents to Olivia's latest brainchild, an awkward commercial campaign for his new signature body spray.

  • 4: A Very Special Xmas (Not a Xmas Special)

    Olivia feels the show needs ethnicity, so she hires an Iraqi actor, Raheem, to join the cast. Kit drops a bomb on Julian.

  • 5: Castaways

    Olivia's new tactic to modernize the show sends the cast into a tailspin. Julian decides his romance with castmate Shea Buttersfield should go to the next level.

  • 6: Otherwise Engaged

    The off-screen war between Julian and Kit heats up as Julian enlists the help of Kit's twin brother, the head writer on the show. Julian and Shea are surprised when a friend from Julian's past shows up.

  • 7: Drama Con

    Olivia encourages (forces) the cast to attend her latest creation, "Drama-Con", the Comic-Con for soap fans.

  • 8: Spontaneous Coma

    A beautiful new cast member is brought in, much to Kit's chagrin. The show receives surprisingly good news, as Julian scrambles to untangle his personal life.

  • 9: Waiting is Delicious

    Julian's star power is threatened when Olivia hires a popular rival soap star to join the cast of Collided Lives. Secret romance blooms.

  • 10: Julian's Choice

    Tensions erupt as Kit and Julian's rivalry reaches a boiling point, and the cast discovers Olivia is going to have them interviewed live on television, where anything could happen.

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